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Small Ladybug on Leaf

These fused glass ladybugs are paired with a translucent or opaque leaves.  Each piece is hand cut and carefully assembled to ensure that during the firing process each ladybug gives the illusion of starting into flight.  The placement of the ladybug on the leaf itself and the difference in color of the leaf gives each piece a one-of-a-kind appearance. This piece looks equally beautiful on a window, wall, ornament stand or Christmas tree. This piece will hang in a 5" x 3" area. 


Because each piece is handmade just for you, these items have unique qualities specific to that item. Please examine all pieces closely as they may exhibit charicteristics that appear as blemishises or flaws, this does not affect the quality of your piece. As we take every effort to eliminate this in our process, please keep in mind that this is a part of creating handmade fused glass items. 

Small Ladybug on Leaf

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