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Our Story

We're a small family business in Michigan creating handmade fused glass pieces of art for your home.

Hi! We're Brian and Lisa (yep that's us on the right). We create ornamental fused glass products for walls, windows, Christmas trees, lawn art, anywhere your imagination will take you. 

We started RMCreations,LLC  in 2013 to eliminate Gel Clings that we used in our home.  We grew tired of the sun-faded pieces that would always melt and drip down our windows. We always loved the look of the sun shining thru our window decorations, but we couldn't find a more sturdy solution for year-round decorations. So we took decorating to the next level and started making our own pieces using a technique called " Glass Fusing".  We started making  pieces for our windows, walls and desk top pieces. Before we knew it the company took off and our once quiet home had transformed into our private Fused Glass Studio..  

Now you can find us traveling throughout Michigan sharing our passion for Ornamental Fused Glass with thousands of people. As we grow our product line we will also plan to expand our travel, including more cities and states. So if you enjoy our fused glass as much as we love making it, keep a close watch to our event schedule because we may just be coming to a town near you . 

Thank you so much for supporting us and visiting our site! 

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