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This fused glass animal paw with the contrasting pad colors create a unique apperance to these dog paws.  Each paw is handmade and hand selected so you get the best color combinations to choose from. This fused glass creation looks beautiful on a window, as an ornament, or on any wall in your home.  This piece will hang in a 4" x 4" area. 


These glass paws can also be personalized. We use oil based paint markers for this process. We hand write your message on each piece and don't charge for this service. The messaging on this piece is NOT fired into the actual glass itself. It's long-lasting, but can be affected by moisture, scraching or other abrassive contact.     


Please examine all pieces closely as they may exhibit charistics that appear as blemishises or flaws, this does not affect the quality of your piece. As we take every effort to eliminate this in our process, please keep in mind that this is a part of creating Hand Made fused glass items. 

The Paw Collection

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